Electromyogram (EMG)

Which measures specific muscle activity – recently suggests that both exercises, which basically involve pressing the weight(s) above your head followed by lowering, then repeating, recruit the front and middle deltoids. The barbell press, because of the elbows being positioned at the front of the body, recruits the front delts more than the dumb-bell press, which, because of the elbows being out at the side, works those middle delts more. Both, then, are effective, but neither does too much for the rear delts. For these, opt for upright rows or single arm rows. Bear in mind, that the front delts are given a good seeing-to by Bench Press, so it may be that you need to work the middle fellers more, via the dumb-bell press.



I run regularly, but have Iasi developed Achilles tendonitis. How can I treat this condition and prevent it from re-occurring?


Physiotherapist from Sammy Margo Associates, says, Tendonitis is a painful inflammation of the tendons, the end part of a muscle attached to the bone. It can affect all joints, but particularly elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders and wrists, as these are areas most often used during sports, Repetitive exercise, increasing the intensity of exercise, poor core stability and an incorrect running style can all contribute. The condition usually heals after around six weeks, but severe cases can last months.


‘If you feel tendonitis developing, put an ice pack on the joint for 15 minutes two to three times a day to reduce the inflammation. Find out other treatments for good body and skin health. Resting is crucial if the muscle is to heal, too. Avoid sports that put pressure on the joint until you’re completely pain-free. However, it’s important to keep the muscles strong. This can be done by simulating running in a swimming pool, as the water relieves any load on your joints. It’s also a good idea to wear a supportive bandage on your ankle while it’s healing, to minimise movement.


‘Physiotherapists may use tech -flqL.PS such as deep-tissue massage and stretching exercises to encourage healing. They may also assess the gait of your run to identify if the way you move tiggers the condition. Movement exercises and orthotic insoles can help correct poor alignment.


‘Stretching before and after running, and wearing properly fitting, supportive trainers will help prevent tendonitis. Glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplements may also encourage healthy joints and prevent injury: Call the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy on 029 7306 6666 to find a physiotherapist near you.

For a time the village was without a priest

There was no inclination on the part of the archdiocese to appoint one (bishops, like gov­ernment officials, count heads in apportioning resources). In Paris, meanwhile, a priest and university professor named Jean-Claude Rochet was giving thought to getting out of the city on weekends and perhaps being of assis­tance in a village parish. A tall, slim man who smokes a pipe and wears a suit and necktie rather than the turned collar of the priest, Rochet came to serve not only the church in Darcey but also the ones in five surrounding villages. And during the week he teaches the­ology at the Catholic University of Paris.

“I asked the people of Darcey and the other villages to help me because I would not be in residence,” he said. “And they did. There may be a shortage of vocations to be priests, but there is no shortage of vocations to be lay workers. It is coming more and more to that. The day of the resident village priest in a black cassock is over.” 4

Father Rochet takes the train down on Fri­days. “When I get there, I eat with a family,” he said. “There is always at least one family I can have a meal with without noti­fying them beforehand — no, not one, at least five.”

Still, church atten­dance in Darcey has de­clined sharply in recent years,  in their lives. When all else fails—the café, the butcher shop, maybe even the bakery—it will be there, but not necessarily with a priest in attendance.

“It has been decided that there may not be another priest here after I leave, ” Father Rochet told me. “So an impor­tant part of my job is to prepare people to retain their religion without a priest, to encourage them to conduct cate­chism classes for young people and organize self-run prayer groups.”

And if it should come to that, will Les Accor­deonistes de Darcey be expected to turn to liturgical music? There are about a dozen members of the ensemble, each of whom plays an accordion. Sometimes they go through a songbook from start to finish with only a brief pause between numbers. The accordion has become the instrument of choice in Darcey.

There is also a village chorale. Indeed, mu­sic is important to the life of the village, and without question to the life of Micheline Vidal, wife of Henri Vidal, the butcher and maker of superb pâté. She sings, plays the piano, and now takes violin lessons in Dijon.

I, HE VIDALS are people of manners, and Henri, having studied business and economics, sometimes reveals dissatisfaction with the career he followed. “I think back and say maybe I would have been happier in other work,” he said.

But it was expected of him that he join his fa­ther in the butcher shop, and so for more than 30 years now he has ap­peared in his crisp, white apron behind the refriger­ated case. He is a former mayor of Darcey, and he counts among his achievements the success of his efforts to prevent the village school from closing (children in Dar­cey attend school there until the age of 11, when they go to high school in Venarey-les-Laumes).





The Maritime Royal Artillery

I read with interest the letter by Gwen Rawlingson about her work at Shoeburyness (` Shoeburyness garrison’ in ‘Readers’ letters’, April/May) as my father served in the Maritime Royal Artillery and started his service there in 1943.


This branch of the service is little known, but contributed a great deal to the war effort. Briefly, the government decided that as our shipping losses were spiralling in the early years of the Second World War the merchant ships bringing in vital supplies needed some protection. The Maritime Royal Artillery was formed and Army and Royal Navy personnel were drafted in to be trained as gunners on what became known as DEMS, or defensively equipped merchant ships. My father’s record reveals that he spent a total of 364 days on board ship during his term of service from 1943 to 1945. He was awarded the Atlantic Star, the Burma Star and the Italy Star in addition to the usual war medals, so he served in the major theatres. Fortunately he was not on the Russian convoys.


I have done a lot of research on this service and I have some photographs of my dad on board ship with some crew members. I have no idea when they were taken, but if any other reader has any connection with this regiment and would like information or copy photos please feel free to contact me at the postal or email address below. I have written direct to Gwen expressing my gratitude on behalf of my dad and his shipmates at what she and her colleagues have done.


404 Godstone Road, Whyteleafe Surrey CR3 OBB



Publish and…


My daughter bought me a subscription to Family Tree Magazine as a 70th birthday present. It’s great! I have been tracing our ancestors for several years, and this will really help, but how much will our descendants know about us in 100 years time?


Seeking to leave our immediate family’s mark for the future, I set about writing the history of our own children and our parents – it was meant to be one book just for the family, but things got out of hand. We have, admittedly, had rather adventurous lives, but I did not realise it would go so well. There are five books in the series now, all self-published and selling like mad!

Believe it or not, the story has been taken up by one of the biggest publishers in the country, the first volume due out as a talking book.


Now there’s a thought for readers, to add extra interest to their own family trees. Like me, you might actually make a profit. We’ve made our own private web page too, and called it.

If I can help any readers of my favourite magazine, I’d be proud to do so from dental and vision insurance. I’m retired, so I have time on my hands to answer letters, phone calls or emails.


Riverside, Relubbus,

Nr Penzance, Cornwall TR20 9EP


Finding photographers


On reading the article ‘Flash, bang, wallop – what a picture!’ by Joyce Walmsley in Family Tree Magazine April/May, I was surprised to see my name and work mentioned. Unfortunately some of the details were not correct.


The directories of photographers in Cheshire, Lancashire, Shropshire and Staffordshire were published by the RPS Historical Group as supplements to their magazine PhotoHistorian, and issued to members. The research is mine, and so I have put the lists on to CD-ROM for Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and Lancashire. These are available from me at the address below at a cost of £5 each.


The book Lancashire Professional Photographs 1840-1940 is available from PhotoResearch in Watford and those details were correct. The book contains information on dating photographs from different aspects as well as listing Lancashire photographs and their operational dates at specific addresses.


5 Mitchell Rise, Yarnfield

Stone, Staffordshire ST15 OTR


Data protection


In a letter in the April/May edition of Family Tree Magazine, Ian Ferguson asked the question why, in the era of ‘freedom of information’, both marriage and death data is retained by the government for 100 years. That’s not entirely true of course, as certificates can be obtained on request, although census records are closed. This reflects the requirements of the Data Protection Act, which specifically protects personal data (while giving individuals the right to obtain copies of their own data).

Although the law may seem over­protective (as Mr Ferguson says, personal information may be known locally), the legislation is complicated enough without exempting bits here and there, and it does provide for the very much needed protection of personal data and provides a means of redress against its misuse.


Data Protection & Freedom of

Information Officer

19 Rosedale Gardens, Thatcham Berkshire RG19 3LE


Heirloom success


In the November 2004 issue of Family Tree Magazine my ‘Family heirloom’ photograph of a wedding party outside Torksey Golf Club near Lincoln was published on page 34.

I am delighted to say that I have now found the marriage certificate to go with the photograph. The bridegroom was Frederick John Earl, a bachelor aged 34, son of John

Edward Earl; the bride was Mary Ella Earl, a spinster aged 29, daughter of Frank Earl, both of Brampton. The wedding was on 11 July 1911 at Torksey parish church, Brampton is in the same parish as Torksey. It looks as though the couple may have been cousins.

I have received several letters since the photograph was printed, for which I am most grateful.


Hyland, 50 High Street,

West Wratting, Cambridge CBI 5LU


The first Sunday school?


I read Robert Burlison’s article ‘The Sunday School movement’ in the June issue with great interest and believe that I can add to it on the subject of who started the first Sunday school.

Back in 1971-72 I attended a local history class when I lived in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and here are some notes I made at that time:

Hannah Ball (1733-1792) started the first Sunday school in the country in High Wycombe in 1769.


Hannah was born in the Great House, Naphill, in 1733. Her family came from Stokenchurch and many are buried there. Her father was a yeoman farmer and her brother a lacemaker in High Wycombe. When her brother’s wife died, she went to High Wycombe to look after his children, and it was here that she was converted by John Wesley’s preaching.


John Wesley had started a Sunday school in Savannah, USA, in 1734, and on his return to England travelled and preached throughout the land, passing through High Wycombe in 1736 and 1739. He preached from the Market House, and in the fields nearby, to great crowds. By 1770 he had visited the town on 22 occasions.


Hannah’s diaries record the teachings of John Wesley and early Methodism. She started the first Sunday school in the country in 1769 in her brother ‘s house in Queen’s Square, High Wycombe, which was continued after her death in 1792 by her sister.I believe that Hannah Ball’s diaries have been published.


Allendale, Higher Broad Oak Road, West Hill,

Ottery St Mary, Devon EX11 1XJ



A middle-aged man finds that no matter what he does in the sack, she never achieves orgasm. So he visits one of the most beautiful escorts in Leeds. “Maybe fantasy is the solution,” says the doctor. “Why not hire a pretty young girl from escorts in Glasgow and, while you two are making love, have him wave a towel over you?”

The doctor smiles. “Make sure he’s totally naked — that way your wife can fantasise her way to a full-blown orgasm?’ Optimistic, he returns home and hires a handsome young girl from London escort guide. But it’s no use: even when the stud stands naked, waving the towel, the wife remains unsatisfied. Perplexed, the man returns to his doctor. “Try reversing it for a while,” says the quack “Have the young man make love to your wife and you wave the towel over them.” And so he returns home to try again — this time, waving the towel as the same escort pumps away enthusiastically. Soon, the wife has an enormous, screaming orgasm.

Smiling, the husband drops the towel and taps the young man on the shoulder. “You see?” he shouts triumphantly. “That’s how you wave a bloody towel.”


Opens the door. “How are you getting on?”


Man accompanies victim

A man is walking along the High Street, when suddenly a nearby wall collapses ­showering him with rubble. Worse, it’s ten minutes before another passer-by, a smartly dressed man, happens to wander past. “Christ! Are you okay mate?” he cries. “Has anyone called Lord seeks graft.

Looking for work, Jesus goes to the local job centre. “Okay, Mr Christ,” says the assistant, after typing in his details, “There are two jobs that come up for your spec. One is a carpenter in Jerusalem at £2,000 per week; the other a carpenter in Aberdeen at £200 a week?’ And lo, the Son of God did speak: “I’ll take the one in Aberdeen, cheers?’

The assistant is surprised. “Why? You’d get far more money in the other job.” “I know,” Jesus spake thus. “But the last time I worked in Jerusalem I got hammered with tax.”


Lawyer unsure

A man visits his lawyer to help settle his divorce proceedings. “But it says here she’s divorcing you because you threw a trifle at her,” says the solicitor. “Yes,” says the man, downcast. “She thinks she’ll get custody.”


Fisherman gives wife ultimatum

Waking one sunny morning, a man turns to his wife and tells her they’re going fishing for the day. “Oh no — I’m not wasting a lovely day like this,” replies his wife. “Besides, you know how much I hate fishing?’ “Okay,” answers the man, “You have three choices: me, you and the dog go fishing; you give me a blow-job; or you take it up the tradesman’s. I’m off to the shed for ten minutes, and I want your decision when I get back?’

2- A few minutes later he returns. “I’ve decided on the blow-job,” his wife decides. “Good,” he says, losing no time in dropping his trousers. But just as she kneels down to perform the act, the wife notices a strange smell. “But your crotch reeks of shit!” she cries. “Yeah,” says her husband, nonchalantly.”The dog didn’t want to go fishing either:’


Footballer enjoys welcome

After finally negotiating a professional contract, a striker arrives for his first match at his new Premiership club. “I’ll tell you what, says the coach. As it’s your first game, you can play the first half then I’ll pull you off at half time?’ “That’s not bad,” the lad replies. “I only got half an orange at my old place.”


Amputee uses public transport

A man with no arms or legs is waiting at a bus stop ­when his mate pulls up, driving a bus. “Alright, Dave!” says the driver as he an ambulance?”

“Uh… no,” comes the agonised reply.

“Right. Has anyone called the police?” asks the second man. “No,” moans the

injured man.

“Okay… has the compensation board been informed?” By now the injured man is groggily angry: “Look— you’re the first here!”

Jenny’s guide to…

Want to introduce your little lady to the adult arts? FHM’s sex columnist tells you how

HELLO BOYS, AND welcome to another slice of my FHM column. I know you watch porn. I do too. I love it. That wasn’t always the case, though. I’ll admit there was a time in my life when I would have freaked out if a guy ever tried to get me to watch an adult movie with him. You probably think your woman will freak out too, but, trust me, with the right approach, she won’t. And if you get it right, a world of hot sex will be yours. Here’s the game plan:

> DO go ugly. When you’re starting out, choose movies with women who are fatter and worse looking than your girlfriend or wife. It sucks, but trust me here. The hardest thing for a girl is getting over the fact that the girls staring back from the screen are hot. If your woman feels insecure about her body, she won’t get hot watching the action.

> DON’T start with guy-girl porn. First time out, put on some amateur lesbian porn. You know the type – the lighting is bad, it’s shot in some den in Amsterdam and the women are not hot. Most girls have lesbo fantasies. Your girl might be sweet, but there’s stuff going on in her head when she’s having an orgasm, and often it involves a girl.

> DO be conniving. How do you get porn in the house? Easy -you lie. Come home from work, throw the movie down and say, “Look at this stupid thing the guys at work got me.” Then don’t say another word about it. Leave the movie lying around where she can see it for no less than two weeks. Then, one night when you know she’s in the mood, say: “Come on, let’s watch this dumb thing.” Then casually throw it in. Well done-the action is rolling. > DONT touch her.

Watch an adult movie like it’s a sitcom. Laugh at the stupid bits. If she asks if you think a girl is hot, always reply no-the actress is a skanky whore. Don’t look at your woman’s face while she’s watching, either. Girls get insecure about letting you see that they’re into it. She likes it, trust me, but resist making a move on her there and then. Once she’s aroused, take her to bed. For me, I’m usually ready after about 15 minutes of viewing pleasure.

> DO buy online. How do you get fresh porn in the house? Use a website. Find a site you like and purchase a couple of films. That way, when you’re both looking for a DVD to watch that night, you can “magically” stumble across the hot action in your collection. Put it on and go down on her. Make sure she can’t see your face. And make sure she’s sober-you don’t want her blaming the good time she had on booze. If she’s into it, you’re in with porn for good – as long as you don’t screw up.

> DON’T hog the remote control. Let your girl select what bits you watch. She won’t like extreme close-up action shots, and, if she’s like me, she’ll probably hate tight shots of the guys’ sweaty faces.

> DO live vicariously. If your girl doesn’t like butt sex, she won’t like butt-sex movies. And it’s the same with bondage, midgets or fetish porn. Skew your viewing to what you do in bed, or, better still, use it to enhance your fantasy life. If you’ve talked about having a threesome but your girl doesn’t want to go through with it, enjoy the fantasy through porn.

Still daunted? Give your girl some credit. Most women in relationships want to spice things up.

We’re eager to try new things, as long as they’re not too bizarre and they don’t hurt. Honest.

Watching the right kind of porn with your wife or girlfriend in a comfortable situation is a great way to generate a hotter sex life for both of you. Thank me later.